venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

Video Phone (beyonce vs gaga)

when I saw for the first time this amazong video,in my opinion it look like a tarnatino's I've made an illustration with beatrix of Kill Bill...poor Beatrix..honey B and Gaga are too powerfull for her!! XDXD

martedì 25 ottobre 2011

No Make Up!

M:do you want to try this cleanser?
G: no,thanks
M: Please, let's try it, it's acid muriatic made!
G: I've said NO!
G:I told you I did not want cleansing!

lunedì 24 ottobre 2011

Brand New Creepy Gaga illustration!

Is Creepy Gaga finished? NOT YET GUYS!

Ld: let's go Morty,let's work!!
M: she's annoying...if I could kill her!!
A:you have not done a lot of scruples with me!!

let's space(with steve jobs)

kids: trick or tr...
M: Hi kids!!
M: wow there're lots of sweets!!
G:let's hurry morty, the film is starting...
M: girls,I've got other sweets!!
A: I think we've enough sweets!

A:because do you have all that money?
M:my old friends wanted a great artist for their I sold them Gaga!
M:even I think she was not very agree!
M:I could also become a great menager!
A:great manager they have thrown out!!!
apparently not everyone thinks that gaga is a great artist
G:what are u doing here?!
SJ:the losers of the afterlife using only Windows!!

M:amy,have u met gaga?
A:no I haven't,why?
M: she's forgot her heels
Lg: Let's give me my heels...stupid!!

Naked strips!!

Rigor Mortis
A:Are you sure that this is art and not pornography?
M: if she believes to attract fans by making them exciting to me it's not working!!
A:sure? So what's that?
M:rigor mortis!!
M:the vagina is fixed thought for all , even for thedead people...
but in times of crisis we must be content...
hey girls,are you necrophilic?
Ld: I'm a complete artist: song, dance, recite. I have many talents!
A: but you haven't a dick to fuck!
Ld: oh yeas! I'm hermaphrodite!
A: oh shit,so you're really complete!!

M:this place is huge .. are three days that I walk...
M:and I'm only half way!
A:where is morty? it is a long time that I don't see him
Lg:he has gone to my cloackroom 'cause I asked him to take me a pair of jeans.he'll return in a week!

Lg:have u call alejandro,the TV technician?
Lg:yeah,Fernando,the technician!
A:but is not alejandro?
Lg:I say Roberto!!
A:give me my vodka!!

M: yuhuuu!! she's dead!!
A:No she isn't, she's only fell at the heels!

Tit's war!!!

M: we could DIE!!!
M:stupid! WE're dead not vampires!
M:looks at the heels of today
A:at least if the heels break she haven't to throw away them!
M:when I was alive I was a speech therapist...and I say that you have serious problems of diction!

Purple Teardrops

M: I'm goig to the shower!
A: there's Gaga

M:now superman can't say "I'm faster than light" but " I'm faster than a NEUTRINO!"

Freddie is better than....

M:I present to you my boss,God!
A:mmm..I have crappy cards
G:This's my new trainee
A/Lg: freddy,U're our God!
G:He has become more popular than me!

M: I don't know why,but today I feel sexy!!

Meat made dress!!!

M: this magazine says that the ego of the woman is measured by the height of her heels
A:good morning Gaga!!
G:Hi guys!!

M: ahh I'm so tired..I'll go to sleep
mmm here's occupied
...ehhh there'll be a very long night!!
M:Perhaps this room is free
mmm ... this must be your room
your pillow is very comfortable
I can finally rest in peace!!

Creepy Gaga 9-13

G: Morty,can I go to the bathroom before you?
M: ok...
M:I don't want going in that bathroom....who says that the death is fearful hasn't never seen Gaga's bathroom!!

M: Amy, there're other way to take some drinks...without kill nobody!
G: smells good!!
G: oh shit!!
G:this is my dress!!
m:I decided I will make the cook ..even the dead can withstand a steak
A: Do u want the salt?

spero che abbiate capito che il personaggio di Jo in realtà è la stessa Gaga!!
personalmente adoro la pagina n°10

Creepy Gaga 2

A:what are u doing?
M:I'm looking for a new house
A:Why?! I know that this house is small but it'sn the only in our budjet!
M:I can stand the lack of space,but I can't stand our roommate....I hate your Granny!!
A:do not worry, I already found a new home to stay
I have a friend who has a beautiful house in Beverly hills!
G:Ok's enough!
oh finally I'm relaxing
M:How do I look with this wig?!
A:Hi Gaga!!!

M: oh my god..their hair aren't real!!!
M:by then I don't think of anything more!!
Amy: idiot!!

questi sono i miei primi lavori del meglio deve ancora venire!!!

Creepy Gaga-L'inizio!!

M:I gave our curriculua at Agency.
we find work soon and our troubles will end!!

A:do u want some vodka?

M:NO!!the deads do not need to drink, drink is bad and u don't have to drink too!

M:What did you say that it is?

B:You stole a victim to your boss!!you know that you are assigned to the suburbs and you can not go beyond the boundaries..doyou know what that means?
M:that the boundaries are too small
B:NO!that you're fired!find another job and take care of the victim that you stole
M:fuck!I just wanted to do something different,
do hitchhike, a hearse will take us into town, maybe we'll work
A:I doubt it
M:are you dead?
H:I only seek a passage to a world beyond made by joy and fun
M:do you enjoy now?
H:not much!
A:I alway preferred jazz to psichaedelic rock!

salve a tutti!!
questo è il mio blog dove inserirò tutti i miei lavori della serie "Creepy Gaga" un progetto fatto di gag e illustrazioni divertenti che hanno come protagonisti una morte secca Gaga e Amy!!!
per ora si tratta solo di poco meno di 50 pagina,ma aumenterò sicuramente il numero...
beh buon divertimento!!